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RV Rental Rates and Policies

Our RV Rental Policies

Security Deposit

In general, A $1000 Security Deposit is required on class C units (slideout require $1500). Class A units generally require $1500 security deposit (slideout units sometime require $2,000 security deposit). The security deposit is completely refundable if the unit is returned clean, filled with gas and propane and undamaged. Security Deposit refunds are not immediate... the normal refund period is 3-5 working days. If the unit is returned damaged the security deposit is held until the damages can be assessed.

Mileage charges

All rentals include 100 free miles per day. Rentals booked for 21 days and over receive 150 free miles per day. Additional mileage charges are .20-.35 per mile depending on the unit.

Credits & Refunds

Estimated mileage is taken upon reservation. Any unused mileage will be refunded. Any overage will be charged. No refunds will be made for early return. No refunds will be made for malfunctioning TV or microwave. Refund will be made for mechanical engine failure for the amount of lost days only. All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental contract.

Insurance Coverage

Some owners provide the insurance, others charge a small fee to use their insurance, others require a binder from the customers insurance company. A large number of the owners are insured by a company that allows the customer to bind it on their automobile insurance or if that is not possible the insurance company will bind it for a daily charge.

Generator Charges

Unless noted, all rentals equipped with a generator include 5 free generator hours per day (This includes almost every class A, B, or C Rental). Additional hours are charged at roughly $4.00 per hour. On those units with a portable generator, generator charges run $25 (USD) per day. Be sure to check as the price may vary with each owner.

Housekeeping Supplies

Most owners provide housekeeping supplies (linens, dishes, tableware, and other supplies). The rate charged for housekeeping items and what is offered varies from owner to owner. Prices range from a one time fee of $50 to $150 depending on the rental. The average cost is $75. Be sure to check the listing online or check with the individual owner in regards to what is available and any applicable costs to avoid any surprises.

Please Note:

Most of our owners do not allow pets, smoking or trips to Mexico. All of our units are privately owned so all of the rates listed are approximate.

For those owners who do not allow smoking in their rental, it may be the case that if smoke is detected in the unit upon return, you will forfeit your full security deposit to help offset the cost of a complete detail. Please be sure to check the policies for each rental.

For those owners who do not allow pets in their rental(s), it may be the case that if you violate their pet policy, you run the risk of forfeiting your entire security deposit.

Owner's that do not allow pets do so for a number of reasons, allergies are often the primary reason. Many customers with pet allergies seek out rentals that are void of pet allergens because of health concerns. When a renter violates their pet policy, a complete detail is then required before the unit can be rented again. Please be sure to check the policies for each rental.

RV and Motorhome Rental Rates

All of our units are privately owned so all of the rates listed are approximate!

High Season

(May 25 - Sept 4 All Holidays & special events) 3 day minimum except for Holidays & special events require a 4 day minimum.

Class C

RV size




$120 - $140





29-31' slideout



Class A

RV size









34'-37' w/wo slideout - Gas

Call for Pricing


37'-42' slideout (3-4) Diesel

Call for Pricing


Low Season

(Sept 5 - May 24)

Class C










29-31' /slideout


Travel Trailers








Tent Trailers






Toy Haulers







Mileage charges do not apply to Travel Trailers or Tent Trailers