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Frequently Asked Questions about RV Rentals

Below are answers to some common questions people have asked us regarding renting an RV. If your question is not covered here, click the button below and tell us about it. We will do our best to answer your question, and we may even add it here.

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How does it all work?

Owner's Rental is an RV rental referral service for the rental of privately owned motor homes / RVs throughout Arizona. Therefore, when you rent an RV / motorhome, you will be renting directly from the individual owner of an RV / motor home. Your agreement will be with the owner of the RV / motorhome and not with Owner's Rental of Arizona).

We maintain a long client list of owners with a wide variety of RVs / motorhomes available to rent, and help advise you in planning your Arizona RV adventure and help you in choosing an RV / motor home that suits your needs. Once you have decided that you would like to rent an RV / motorhome and what kind of RV motorhome you are interested in renting and approximately when you plan to rent an RV/ motorhome from one of the many owner's we have on file, we'll put you in contact with the owner.

At this point you will negotiate final details and then make your final arrangements from the owner of the RV / motorhome. Owner's Rental of Arizona will work with both you and the owner as much as possible to make the arrangement as mutually beneficial for both parties as possible. This may include a credit check by us or a driving report for the owner.

At this time, if you wish to reserve that RV / motorhome the owner will have all of the necessary paperwork on hand or you can print the rental application from the website (found by clicking the link for rental documents on the top right corner of our website), fill it out and fax it to the office (fax # is on top of the form). The owner of the RV / motorhome will require 25% of the total rental price to reserve the RV / motorhome. The remaining 75% plus a $500-$2000 (depending on the value of the RV) security deposit will be due when you pickup the RV / motorhome in cash or cashiers check.

Your deposit is fully refundable if the RV / motorhome is returned clean and undamaged and the tanks are full. All of our rates include 100 free miles per day. The 25% reservation fee in non-refundable.

Why should I rent an RV rather than stay at a hotel or motel?

Traveling in an RV / motorhome allows you to drive in comfort with all facilities on board.

The full kitchen allows the passenger to serve up beverages and snacks while enjoying the beautiful scenery that Arizona and the beautiful southwest offers (and it is no secret that Arizona offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world).

If you are feeling tired or see a view or attraction that you would like to stop at and enjoy, you can do it! Get refreshed and go on your way.

There are many RV / motorhome facilities available to stop at the end of a day.... state parks, KOA parks, and many others. You can plan your trip ahead or make your reservations along the way.

When you travel in an RV / motorhome there is no packing or unpacking.... everything is there in its place just like home. No early checkout time... stay wherever you like as long as you like. Get back on the road at your convenience.

The freedom offered in an RV / motorhome while traveling and vacationing is wonderful... it is an experience not to miss. If you have never vacationed in a motor home, you are in store for a treat!

What information is available on different points of interest?

Our office and owners alike try to be as helpful as possible in providing information concerning the different points of interest in our state. The Arizona Office of Tourism publishes some very helpful information for people visiting our state as well. 

We are always pleased to help out by calling in names and addresses of customers. The packet sent out on the Grand Canyon is especially nice. Arizona Highways Magazine is perhaps the best place on the web to learn more about what Arizona has to offer, there you will find a wealth of information about Arizona. You can also see the list of links compiled here on this site. There you will find a complete list of web recourses about the southwest and Arizona.

Why choose to rent a recreational vehicle over staying in a hotel?

  • Freedom to see it all!
  • See Arizona on your terms!
  • Cost effective!
  • Dine in, save money!
  • No early checkout!
  • No packing and unpacking!
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Settle in and relax at your leisure
  • Enjoy the comfort of home while you are away from home!

What is a class 'A' vs. a Class 'C'?

A "Class A" motorhome is probably what most of us think about when we think of a large motorhome. A "Class C" motorhome is the ones that have the bed over the cab and a class B is a type of Van Conversion motorhome otherwise known as a campervan. To learn more about the different classes of motorhomes please see the rv and motorhome classification definitions provided on this page.

Can I take the RV to Mexico?

For the most part the answer is no due to legal and insurance issues. However, it is ultimately up to the owner of the motorhome concerning any restrictions placed on the rental of a motorhome.

What is in the RV / Motorhome?

All of the RVs and motorhomes that we offer are equipped with a full kitchen, microwave oven, generator, air conditioner and furnace. Some are equipped with televisions and VCRs or DVD player.

A complete housekeeping package which includes linens for the bedroom and bathroom, cookware, dishes, utensils, coffe pot and cleaning supplies - everything needed to live comfortably in the motor home - can be provided for a fee of $50.00 - $150 depending on which unit you rent.

Each owner can tell you what their housekeeping package includes. If you have a special requests please feel free to ask the owners if they might be able to accomodate your request.

Do I need a special drivers license to drive an RV / motor home?

No, just a valid license from your state or an international license if you reside outside of the United States.

Is Insurance Included with the RV / motorhome?

No, not usually. Many of the owners offer insurance through MBA Insurance and this will cost around $15 - $25 per day depending on the unit you are renting. Many of the large 40' class A owners do not offer this type of insurance so you would be required to bind it on your insurance policy. For the travel trailers, toy haulers and tent trailers, many of the owners do include the insurance but some will also require a rider or binder through your personal policy.

Each unit and owner is different and have different requirements so, please be sure to speak with each owner and they will be able to tell you what they require and if they offer any type of insurance you can purchase.

What happens if we have mechanical problems while on our trip?

First off, we are very selective in which RV / motorhome we will list and keep on file. The RV / motrohomes we list are late model and only those that we know are well maintained. We have a very low rate of mechanical problems for this reason.

Also keep in mind that our owners have a large investment in their RV / motor homes as well as a great amount of pride. The RVs / motorhomes we list are not only leased to customers such as yourself but enjoyed by the owners themselves. So like you, they do not want mechanical problems to spoil a good time either.

However, in the event a mechanical problem does occur the owner will want it fixed as quickly as you and will work with you in getting the problem taken care of and you back on the road as soon as possible.

How do I get from the airport to the RV / motorhome?

Many owners will provide round trip airport transportation to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for an additional fee as long as they can coordinate it with their schedules making it even easier to rent an RV / motorhome.

There is also a shuttle that will take you directly to the owners home for a minimal fee if the owners aren't able to pick you up at the airport. They will also pick you back up upon returning from your vacation for your return flight home. Just book your flight, and when you land, you'll be out on the road in no time (keep in mind you need to make arrangements with the owner or shuttle for this service).

How early should we reserve an RV / motorhome?

It is a good idea to reserve the unit of your choice as soon as you know when you plan to take your trip.

While we often have plenty of RV / motorhome listings available (even when other RV / motorhome rental lots are booked), to be assured of getting exactly the RV / motorhome of your choice you will want to book as early as possible.

We obtain new RV / motorhome listings often but if you wait till the last minute the RV / motorhome available may may not be exactly the one you prefer if you wait too long.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Compared to the cost you will incur taking the traditional vacation, once you figure in the price of the hotel or motel, dining and tips, or even car rental, the cost is comparative and usually a lot less.

Rental rates range from $100 a day in the low season (Sept 9th, to Feb 15th) based on a weekly rate to as high as $3000 a week for a 40' w/4 slide outs class A during our peak season for the most luxurious rental we offer.

When you take into consideration the added benefits an RV / motorhome can provide, such as ample room for a whole family of 6, the freedom to see it all, the comforts of home while enjoying the many wonderful attractions Arizona has to offer on your terms, it is quite a bargain.

Why rent from you vs. a rental lot?

First, you will be renting your RV or motorhome from a private individual that takes great pride in the ownership of their RV or motorhome and as an individual, will offer you the kind of individual attention that a major RV rental chain might not be capable or willing to provide.

Second, you will be renting through the southwest's longest established referral service around. We've been in business since 1968 and we will put our many years of professional experience to work for you.

When you rent an RV or motorhome rental through us, we understand that your on the road adventure is a top priority and we will do our best to make it a memorable, exciting, and hassle free experience.

Why Rent from Owner's Rental of Arizona?

There are many reasons and here are just a few off the top of our head...

  • Owner's rental is the premier RV motorhome rental referral service in the industry. We were established in 1968 and we're still going strong.
  • Individualized service and individual attention by those who not only rent you the RV but also enjoy it themselves.
  • We understand that your on the road adventure is a top priority and we will do our best to help make it a memorable, exciting, and hassle free experience.
  • Airport pickup to and from the airport offered by most owners.
  • Thinking of more than a few days or a weeks vacation? Long term rental on some rental units.
  • All Classes of motor homes and RVs available to accommodate your needs. Class A, B and C, travel trailers, 5th wheels and tent trailers (otherwise known as popup trailers.

How long have you guys been around? Are you going to be there tomorrow if there is a problem?

While we have seen many companies come and go over the years in this industry, we've been in continuous operation since 1968. We were there in the beginning of this industry, and we'll be there for you tomorrow and many more years to come.